Cupping is a part of Chinese Medicine and is a useful  treatment for muscular tension and respiratory issues. I often use it in conjunction with acupuncture and herbs to treat seasonal allergies.

Cupping is an adjunct therapy used by acupuncturists and massage therapists. Today we either use glass or plastic cups, and a vacuum is created using a flame or
suction device, and the cup is applied to the skin. In the past animal horns were used as a cupping device. The suction of the skin helps to increase blood circulation and to release cold or damp energies from the body. If the client has a common cold, allergies, or tight muscles; cupping can be applied to move the Qi and release the pain held in the body.

The cups can be moved and cover areas where there is muscular tension, when they are removed there is a discoloration of the skin that disappears in a few days.

I enjoy receiving this technique myself and encourage you to try it in a treatment!


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