My wife was injured in a auto accident and had a whip lash injury which resulted in severe pain in the neck and back as she was rear ended by a truck . We saw the Duke Orthopedic clinic and was referred to Physiotherapy which provided only limited relief . Our Primary care physician suggested trying acupuncture treatment as an alternate option for pain relief and provided a referral prescription for 4 visits to see if this will work. We started seeing relief from the third session with big improvements after that as the body musculoskeletal structure needs to release the muscle spasms from the shock can take typically up to 4 sessions. Judith also performed neuro-muscular massage along with acupuncture to relieve the muscle spasms which provided complete pain relief after ten sessions. After my wife’s treatment was complete , I have then had my mother who has having lower back pain for the last twenty years see Judith and she has helped her a great deal after a few sessions , as my mom did not have insurance coverage had to self pay. Now I definitely see value in acupuncture. If you have tried other options in relieving back and neck pain , acupuncture is definitely worth a try and should know if it is effective in 4 -5 sessions as each person’s anatomy responds differently. Acupuncture treatment is typically covered by auto insurance as long as you have a referral prescription from a physician and most primary care or orthopedics specialists will give one if asked. The regular medicine options for back / neck pain relief are limited to epidural injections / back surgery which has other side effects after you have tried physiotherapy . Judith is a gifted healer with the right medical experience and provides very compassionate care for her patients. ~ N. Narra

Judith was great when my granddaughter had pneumonia. Conventional treatments of antibiotics were leaving her very depleted. Judith’s support and good advice were very helpful in speeding up her recovery.~ J. Gadd, Graham, NC

I am a firm believer in acupuncture and have been visiting Judith over the past 8 years and she awesome. I strongly suggest using her as she has a large knowledge of Chinese medicine and herbs and is very educating. Very grateful to have her help me with my health. She helped during my pregnancy and also after with many health issues. ~Jennifer B.

Osteoarthritis pain and instability required surgery on my left thumb several years ago. When I began to have pain in my right thumb, Judith Brooks applied acupuncture in the area weekly for a month to six weeks. That was over a year ago and I remain pain free today.~ Flora O’Brien

I could barely walk to the car, and could not drive. I curled on my side in the backseat trusting my teenage daughter who had recently gotten her license to deliver me safely to Judith’s office. An hour later the backpain that had nagged at me for several months and laid me flat for the previous four days was gone! Thank you Judith!  ~ JD Durham, NC

I started seeing Judith about three years ago after two bouts of pneumonia. I have not been sick since. Judith chose a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs for me. I recently took care of my daughter during a month’s hospitalization and I remained healthy throughout. I highly recommend Judith for her knowledge and skills. ~Donette, Durham, NC

I’ve been under Judith Brooks’ care for the last 11 years. I started seeing Judith following a moving vehicle accident that injured my lower back and neck. Since then I have seen Judith for the treatment of two other severe injuries (herniated and torn discs) for which doctors recommended back surgery. Physical therapy, chiropractic care, and traditional Western medicine did very little to help alleviate my pain, so I opted to continue care with Judith instead of surgery. Judith’s techniques have led to incredible advances for me! Western medicine doctors were baffled by my recovery.  I cannot say enough about her ability to relieve suffering and promote healing! Today I lead a happy, productive, and pain-free life thanks to Judith!    ~ R. S. Karg, Research Clinical Psychologist

Judith has been my acupuncturist for the last 6 years; she has helped me through two hip operations and a frozen shoulder. I am now in my 80’s and I rely on her to help relieve the arthritic pain in my body.  She also has listened to me when i have gone through periods of grief in my life and has supported me with unconditional caring.   ~ BB L Pittsboro, NC

I have been going to Judith Brooks for massage and acupuncture for over four years. Judith has a wonderful healing energy and presence. I always feel much better after a session with her. She also generously shares her wealth of knowledge in natural remedies, diet, and creating a healthy lifestyle. ~ Betty Tew, Durham, NC

My labor had been “stopping and starting” for a week. I went to Judith for a birth induction treatment. I had the treatment in the morning and gave birth later that day. I’m thankful to Judith for her important role in my child’s birth. I strongly recommend her acupuncture treatment as being a safe and effective method for inducing labor. ~ LF Pittsboro

I went to Judith with a weak bladder and urinary incontinence. With her gentle, effective and knowledgeable work, that condition is much better, and my overall energy is noticeably better too. I highly recommend Judith’s work. She is very caring and competent in what she does.~ CF Chapel Hill


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