Treating Spiritual and Emotional Issues with Acupuncture

Acupuncture can assist you in grounding, centering and relaxing your mind and body. Many clients have expressed they feel calmer and have more clarity after a treatment Improving the quality of one’s sleep can also be addressed with acupuncture.

Herbal Consultations

Judith Brooks will now be offering Herbal Consultations over the phone, or in my office. Please download and fill out this form Herbal Consultation when you make an appointment.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

If you are seeking a holistic alternative to conventional medicine, or an adjunct to Western medical care, you’ll find the healing support you need from Judith Brooks, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist at Meridian Healing. Meridian Healing blends the healing modalities of Chinese and Kiiko style Japanese Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine including herbology and therapeutic massage to create optimal physical and emotional well-being for our clients.

Abdominal Therapy Collective (ATC)

I am a member and practitioner of the The Abdominal Therapy Collective (ATC). ATC is founded on an ancient Maya technique of ABDOMINAL MASSAGE. This technique is performed externally by gently guiding and supporting organs back into their optimal position, allowing for improved functioning for optimal health and wellness.

The Abdominal Therapy Collective (ATC) is best known for addressing misalignment or congestion in the reproductive organs of both men and women, as well as many common digestive disorders. The massage techniques effectively alleviate tissue congestion and organ constriction to improve the vital flows of energy, blood, lymph and nerves in the abdomen. It addresses and can release emotional and energetic tension from the abdomen. This massage assists to prevent the progression of chronic disease symptomology while improving the body’s ability to self-repair and balance.

Judith’s Services Include:

  • Traditional Chinese Medical Diagnosis & Acupuncture Treatment
  • Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Acupressure
  • Abdominal Massage
  • Treatment of Stress and Chronic Pain
  • Treatment of Anxiety
  • Acute & Chronic Pain Management
  • Peri-Menopause Support
  • Pre-natal, Post-natal and Labor Support for Pregnant Women

What Makes Judith’s Practice Unique?

chinesecoinJudith Brooks has a unique background in counseling, massage, and Chinese traditional medicine that enables her to treat the whole person in a caring, holistic way. She supports your health needs with personalized treatments, including lifestyle and dietary recommendations. Judith has successfully treated many conditions, including muscular-skeletal disorders, anxiety, depression, headaches, peri-menopausal symptoms, and many stress-related problems. She also incorporates an integrative approach to support other medical treatment you may be receiving. Judith works with men and women, young and old. She specializes in women’s health care.  Her experience working with pregnant women includes prenatal massage and assisting women in pre-natal, post-natal and labor support for birthing women by using acupuncture and massage.   Read more about our women’s health services.

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