Practitioners I Recommend:

Janice Durand, LMBT #1349

Tree of Life Center


Health Touch NC LLC

A caring space where professional health care practitioners
offer a variety of services and workshops to support the body, mind and spirit.

Women’s Health/ Pregnancy

elizabethjohnsonElizabeth M. Johnson, MA
1200 Broad Street Suite 104
Durham, NC 27704
P. 919-237-2370 @OutsideTheMomBx
Elizabeth M. Johnson is an educator, speaker and coach,  she helps pregnant women and new moms feel confident and get competent during this strange, new time of life transition and changing identity.

Smoking Cassation  is the worlds first social smoking cessation network. With several thousand members – we are growing by the minute. Helping people quit smoking one cigarette at a time. Studies have shown that people who use offline support groups to help them quit smoking are 30% more likely to be successful in quitting permanently. However despite this well documented advantage, for most people quitting continues to be a solitary experience. Every day people are combating nicotine withdrawal symptoms alone, and often in the dark. We hope with the help of Quitza, this no longer has to be the case. We globally crowdsource willpower, and our members collectively encourage and support each other. With Quitzas strong community spirit, members often feel a sense of responsibility towards one another. Supportively encouraging other members to protect their own quit attempts, while getting support for their own quit attempt in return. This community support structure alone is a powerful tool. Quitza combines this support with social awards, milestones, and real time personalized data about our users physiological changes as they quit.

We are a caring compassionate community who are first hand proof that acupuncture can help you quit smoking.  We are currently building a list of acupuncturists that offer smoking cessation therapy. Through the power of acupuncture together we can beat this addiction. Stay strong!

Books/ Websites

Dr. Hiromi Shinya, The Enzyme Factor, The Enzyme Factor 2, The Microbe Factor, The Rejuvenation Enzyme

Dr. Shinya gives us a new, effective and affordable approach to health care in America. Following his health prescription from the world’s leading gastroenterologist, and inventor of colonoscopic surgery could mean living a long happy life without ever being sick. The Enzyme Factor

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