Aromatherapy Tour Brazil 2016

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 Late February I travelled with two friends to the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil. With bug repellant clothing and DEET in my suitcase I felt prepared for touring the Atlantic rainforest.
Arriving in the city of Sao Paulo, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in a city of over 20 million, where most people spoke only Portuguese but  like many places I have travelled we found ways to communicate!
With Google translator on our phone and much gesturing we were able to travel by subway to the Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo (MASP), where there was a beautiful exhibit that included Asian, African, Brazilian and European paintings and sculptures.
IMG_0161The next day our tour leaders Yan and Carla came to our small motel called a “Pousado” and drove us to the nearby city of Campinas where Carla’s aromatherapy school called “Aroma Luz” is located. Carla has taught over 1,000 students in the art of aromatherapy and Yan is cofounder of an aromatherapy company in Brazil called Tunupa.
We spent four days in Campinas learning about many of the oils of Brazil. One of my favorite oils is COPAIBA, also known as Copaifera officinalis. Copaiba is a native tree to the Amazon of Brazil and is also found in Western Africa. This tree can grow to 40 meters high and live for 400 years!
 It has numerous therapeutic properties including being anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. I was happy to learn that the tree did not have to be cut down to process the oil, but was tapped, similar to the process of collecting maple sap from Maple trees. This oil has an amazing aroma and is very relaxing when combined with many carrier oils and applied to the neck muscles.
Please enjoy these pictures of Brazil including the Botanical Gardens near Campinas, the rainforest,  and the beautiful city of Ubatuba which is on the Atlantic Ocean.
Obrigada!   (Thank you in Portuguese!)